A Thank You That’s More Than Just Words

Showing appreciation is an art form, especially when someone has gone that extra mile to make your day. There are times when a simple card or box of chocolates just doesn’t cut the mustard. Perusing bottles of wine, leafing through limp cards, and spending hours pondering just how to express your thanks – there is nothing more frustrating.

What if you could give a gift without the need to wrack your brain…

What if there was a gift that took someone’s breath away? 

A gift that could never be expected? 

A gift formed from memories rather than materials?

For those who want to make a statement and give a thank you gift that truly means something –  a hotel gift voucher could be just the ticket.

Give the Gift of Experience 

A hotel gift voucher is so much more than a simple present. By handing over that piece of paper, you are giving the gift of experience, the gift of freedom, and the gift of memories that can last a lifetime. Imagine if you could give the gift of tropical sunshine on the skin, of candlelight beneath the Eiffel Tower, of seeing the Statue of Liberty for the first time, of white-water rafting down the Grand Canyon, and tasting gelato on the ancient streets of Rome. With hotel gift vouchers you can give all this and so much more. 

Gratitude for Every Occasion

From a neighbor looking after your cat to a friend who has always been there for you, an employer looking to deliver incentive to their team, or just a way to say thanks to your spouse for the magic and mayhem they bring to your world – there is always an occasion for sharing gratitude. Thank you gifts don’t even need to be reserved for personal encounters – they can also be an evocative and emotional way for businesses to reward loyalty from their customers. 

Offer Something Extraordinary 

Hotel gift vouchers offer the extraordinary – perfect for that person who has everything. A fully flexible present; you simply choose the amount you wish to spend, pick a template, add your message, and download as a PDF. 

A Fully Flexible Thank You Gift

Hotel gift vouchers come without an expiry date, meaning the recipient can have full control over when and where they travel. While booking a weekend away for someone can take a lot of pre-planning and maneuvering, hotel gift vouchers invite people to be in control of their own destiny and to travel at a time that suits them best. No fuss, no chaos – just a dose of pure joy when they need it the most. 

Personal on Either Side

While a standard gift card can come across as impersonal, a hotel gift card brings a different vibe. It’s a gift that has all the personality in the world, but also the freedom for someone to tailor it to their needs. With a choice of over a hundred thousand hotels across the far-flung globe –  a thank you present has never been so exciting. 

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