Fequently Asked Questions

You can buy a gift card in any currency (USD, AUD, GBP, EUR) and use it to book any of our 110,000 worldwide hotels. For example, buying a gift card in USD and using it in Europe is no problem – just switch all the hotel prices to USD and prices will switch automatically.

The gift card supports partial payments.
If your booking is cheaper than the gift card balance, the booking value is subtracted from the gift card value.
Example: if your gift card has a value of 100 EUR and your hotel booking costs 70 EUR, the gift card has a remaining value of 30 EUR after the booking.

The hotel booking you made at travelgift.cards may not cover all local expenses.

Be aware that your hotel may charge you additional costs for tourist taxes, and other costs. Please contact the hotel for further details.

When you have purchased the gift card, it will be available for download from your account as a PDF file.
The gift card is printed on A4 and can be folded into an A5.
You can print the gift card or forward it by email. 
Surprise a friend or family member!

Companies can purchasetravel gift cards for employees or business relations. Add the company name to the order form when buying a gift card with your company.

Please make sure you have read the terms and conditions of the hotel before you finalize your booking.
Some hotels may charge you a fee for cancellations, or even may be unable to refund. 

In general, you can change a booking by first cancelling your booking and then entering a new booking for your hotel. 
Please make sure you understand the cancellation policy of the hotel before you finalize your booking.

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Due to COVID-19 we're no longer selling giftcards - You can still redeem your purchased giftcard, contact us at: info@travelgift.cards Dismiss